We are a Grace and Truth community. We strive to imitate Christ in all we do. We want to love as Christ loved. We want to live as Christ lived.

What makes our group different ?

We don’t just teach and preach discipleship. We learn by taking action and encouraging each other. We are a GRACE and TRUTH community. We will love you no matter what (grace), and we will honestly proclaim the Word (truth) no matter what. Come visit us and find out for yourself but for now check out our all new video right here, right now!!!!!

Our Latest Podcasts

Study on the Book of James

James is a unique book, commonly called the wisdom literature (proverbs of the New Testament), it takes the Gospel of Jesus and asks “how then shall we live”. It is God’s show and tell Gospel. So for the next several weeks we will explore the impact of our faith in our everyday lives – in our troubles, power of prayer, life of obedience, overcoming temptation, handling money etc. and the impact of our faith on our world – how we can embrace a lifestyle of mercy and become a community of Justice.